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so Ive decided on my summer plans [yay me!] Shortly after… - Brigid is accused of blasphemy often [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Scooter Libby

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[Mar. 14th, 2006|05:11 pm]
Scooter Libby
so Ive decided on my summer plans [yay me!]

Shortly after graduation, Im hopping on a train to Portland and Im just going to hang out there [and maybe Seattle] until
I absolutely must return to pack the shit Im moving up to San Fran... So like, Mid June to August in PORTLAND! Hella Sweet!

AHH! Im so excited!

[User Picture]From: roman_candles1
2006-03-15 03:29 am (UTC)
omg seattle has like THE BEST music scene in the world. i mean LA and NYC are great, but the real jewel is Seattle 4 sho.
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From: j7bnvaaaetrd
2006-05-10 04:06 am (UTC)
LA is the best.

Bobby of the Warlocks just gave me a ride.

Kurt Cobain was a snob.
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From: j7bnvaaaetrd
2006-05-10 04:05 am (UTC)
I'll be in portland May 25th.

Let's hook up!
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[User Picture]From: sequins_stains
2006-05-10 11:16 pm (UTC)
I dont graduate until June 3rd
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